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GDG - the "General Destination Guide" connects all segments that give an image of a destination's features, history and current affairs, highlighting the peculiarities and excellencies that distinguish a destination and make it attractive to visitors of different interests and preferences.

It was created on the basis of many years of life and business experience of the founder, and mutual exchange of those experiences. Various destinations around the world have identified various business opportunities and approaches that should be applied in the business of a travel agency in the Republic of Croatia, which will significantly improve the offer and generally improve the perception of visitors about the destination.

We are innovative professionals, a synergy of youth and experience, a team that strives to realize the Republic of Croatia's tourism plans for opening new markets on completely new bases.

Today's busy lifestyle propagated FIT form, which means that more time is devoted to health and a healthier lifestyle. In addition, most of us live a sedentary life (spending time in front of computer) which inevitably causes a variety of health problems. Therefore, our desire is to open up new markets and introduce health tourism destinations, which are distinguished by their specific treatment approach as well as access to rehabilitation, which is of great interest in the world and is one of the topics addressed by GDG.

OUR TASK: To achieve the goal
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